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Bio Headlines:

  • Releases:
    (2010-album) Manifests Of Human Existence
    (2006-demo) This Suffering
  • Awards:
    Manifests Of Human Existence
    (4-track promo) Suggestion Of The Month - Metal Hammer, GR
    This Suffering
    Demo Of The Issue - Zero Tolerance, UK
    Suggestion Of The Month - Metal Hammer, GR
  • Many live shows, including shows in Greece, Belgium and Scotland and support appearences to Tankard and Cynic


  • Theo Deligiannidis: vocals
  • Nikos Parastatidis: guitars
  • Panos Bouklis: guitars (also bass in Rex Mundi)
  • Antonis Roditis: bass (also in Adamant Scythe)
  • Giannis Chionidis: drums (also in Cubical Sphere, Transcending Bizarre?, ex-Incorporeal)

  • 2005-2009 - Nikos Metaxas: bass (also guitars in Cubical Sphere)
Detailed bio:

Coming from Greece, and meeting at Thessaloniki, the collegues Giannis Chionidis (drums), Nikos Parastatidis (guitars) and Panos Bouklis (guitars) decide to form a band and start searching for others that have the same lust for creating music.

Nikos Metaxas (bass) and Theo Deligiannidis (vocals) join the band, and they all together start working on their own songs.
In December the band gives their first gig.
They start recording their first demo, by recording drums at Drumland Studio, Thessaloniki (Greece).

2006Echidna with Tankard
This SufferingThey continue the demo recordings at Underground Studio, Thessaloniki, with Akis Delilampou (Transcending Bizarre?) as sound engineer.
In July, they have in their hands the first Echidna demo, entitled This Suffering (tracklist: 1. Downforce, 2. Balance Preservation, 3. Depleted, 4. This Suffering)
This Suffering is Demo Of The Issue on Zero Tolerance, UK (issue 013).
In October they support Tankard in Thessaloniki.

Echidna with CynicIn July they support Cynic in Athens.
This Suffering is Suggestion Of The Month on Metal Hammer, GR (August).
Nikos M. is conscripted into the greek army and the band stops live appearences for a while.
They start the debut album recordings, by recording drums at Underground Studio, Thessaloniki (Greece).





Theo is conscripted into the army too.
The remaining members continue recording the debut album, by recording guitars.
Nikos Metaxas ends his service and starts recording the bass for the debut album.


Theo ends his service and records the vocals for the debut album.
In April Echidna finish the recordings of their debut album!
They also play for the first time outside Greece, in Vilvoorde (Belgium) and Edinburgh (Scotland)
In May Nikos Metaxas (bass) leaves the band due to the band's heavy gig schedule.
In October Antonis Roditis (bass) joins the band.



In April Manifests Of Human Existence is released digitally. Also the 4-track promo version is Suggestion of the Month on Metal Hammer, GR.

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