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Review by (English/Greek) PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 December 2010 11:06

by Giannis rem3dy Nakos



Τhinking outside the box and walking your own path as an artist is a huge thing and takes balls of steel! Greeks Echidna walk on paths they, themselves have carved and manage to achieve goals others only dream of. Progressive death metal? If there’s a mandatory need of labeling...

These guys grab music by the hair, hold it high, throw it on the wall, throw it to hell and back! There is no such thing as a "must", "have to" or any taboos here. The lads release their inner demons and enjoy it at the same time. Not meaning they do not take their music too seriously, on the contrary! The care with which they built this monster is more than obvious. Echidna have constructed entire soundscapes without
looking at the clock, outside the mere thinking sphere. The songs are stretched across time and space and while being technical they do not lack anything in terms of essense. I’m not gonna say anything about their musicianship, their skills are to be cherished! Influences vary from Atheist, to Death, to Cynic filtering them and ending up in their own personal sounds. The variety in tempos, the mighty string work is simply amazing.

The production could have been a bit better, a thicker, heavier sound would be more apropriate but I’m just a bitch right now cuz the songs fill the mentioned "void". No, it doesn’t sound bad, I would just prefere a bit heavier outcome, purely soundwize. The guitar work is for seminars, experimental and unique, so is the rhythm section(I loved the bass work!). "Manifests Of Human Existence" is diamond well hiden, world class allthesame! Whoever is into music without putting labels on everything, just pure music, will re-discover the magic of well structured tech metal. Not multi-complex shreds that confuse you like most modern bands do these days. One of the few times you can actually hear MUSIC from a prog band. YEAH!

ps-a kick ass bonus is the video the guys did for "In Fathomless Depths". Must see!



Το να σκέφτεσαι εκτός τετριμένων και να βαδίζεις το δικό σου μονοπάτι σαν καλλιτέχνης είναι μεγάλη μαγκιά και θέλει αρχίδια από γρανίτη(όχι γρανίτα ρε!). Οι Θεσσαλονικείς Echidna καταφέρνουν αυτά που δεν μπορούν καν να ονειρευτούν άλλοι με χαρακτηριστική άνεση. Προοδευτικό death metal? Αν πρέπει ντε και καλά να δώσουμε ταμπέλα...

Οι άνθρωποι πιάνουν τη μουσική και την τραβούν από τα μαλλιά. Την υψώνουν, την πετάνε στον τοίχο, κάνουν ότι θέλουν! Δεν υπάρχει "πρέπει" και taboo εδώ. Tα παιδιά απελευθερώνουν το μέσα τους και το διασκεδάζουν. Με αυτό δεν εννοώ πως δεν παίρνουν τη μουσική τους σοβαρά. Ίσα ίσα μάλιστα. Η προσοχή που έχει δωθεί στη διαμόρφωση των συνθέσεων είναι παραπάνω από εμφανής. Οι Echidna έχουν στήσει ολόκληρα ηχητικά οικοδομήματα χωρίς να κοιτάξουν το ρολόι ή να βάλουν καλούπια στα μυαλό τους. Οι συνθέσεις απλώνονται στο χώρο και, ενώ είναι τεχνικές, βγάζουν κάτι ολοκληρωμένο και ουσιώδες. Για τεχνική κατάρτηση δε λέω τίποτα, ωδείο και σουβλάκι. Επιρροές ξεκινούν από Atheist και Death μέχρι Cynic καταλήγοντας στον δικό τους ήχο. Η ποικιλία σε tempos, η δεινότητα των εγχόρδων είναι σε τρελά επίπεδα.

Το θέμα της παραγωγής εδώ θα πρέπει να τονιστεί, ένας λίγο πιο ογκώδης ήχος θα έσπρωχνε ακόμα πιο πολύ το θέμα. Με τέτοιες κομματάρες όμως δεν είναι να παραπονιέται κανείς. Κιθάρες σεμιναρίου, μπάσο και τύμπανα για μαθήματα κατ’οίκον! Το "Manifests Of Human Existence" είναι ένα διαμάντι κρυμμένο καλά, πλέον μιλάμε για world class επίπεδο. Όσοι γουστάρετε μουσική χωρίς παρωπίδες και αρέσκεστε στα albums των παραπάνω επιρροών εδώ θα ξανα-ανακαλύψετε τη μαγεία του καλοπαιγμένου τεχνικού metal. Όχι πουλοπαιχτικές ιστορίες όμως αλλά ποικιλία και τραγουδοποιία. Από τις λίγες φορές που ακούς πραγματική μουσική να βγαίνει από τον προοδευτικό χώρο. Εύγε!

ps-στα συν το πολύ όμορφο video clip για το κομμάτι In Fathomless Depths. Δείτε το!

Live Θεσ/νίκη 26 Δεκεμβρίου PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 16:01

Eightball Live Stage, 26 Δεκεμβρίου




Find Echidna - Manifests Of Human Existence: Athens
Friday, 03 December 2010 13:18
Το CD μας πλέον μπορείτε να το βρείτε στην Αθήνα και στο δισκοπωλείο Metal Era - Εμμ. Μπενάκη 22 - τηλ/fax 210 33 04 133! review - 4/5 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 27 November 2010 16:51
Posted by hiddenhallow


Fans of classic progressive death metal! If you're looking for a relatively new band that doesn't sound too modern and retains the classic sound and feel of old Atheist, Cynic, Death and Pestilence records, then you should definitely check out Echidna! Because this band form Greece has it all, and it brings you all the goodies in a beautiful package entitled "Manifests Of Human Existence".

So what makes this record sound like the good old prog death classics that have inspired a whole generation of young thriving musicians all over the world? Well, first of all it's the overall feel of music that makes you remind of Piece of Time or Human while listening to Echidna's second full length album. It's rather complex but not all over you, sometimes melodic yet having its brutal bits and pieces. None of the instruments is really standing out, everything is at its place and the music doesn't sound disjointed. However, one instrument that you'll clearly hear on this record is the bass. It is the classic fretless jazz bass you've heard on Death's Individual Thought Patterns and Cynic's Focus, and here it has the same role of juicing up the intense death metal guitar riffs. Speaking of guitars, their parts are quite varied, ranging from intricate passages to straight death metal riffs, with occasional solos but without fanatic shredding and overall guitar wankery (something that a lot of modern tech death bands tend to over-use). The drums are in their place too, supporting the complex structures with rhythms that vary from blastbeats to jazzy swings. The vocals reminded me of Alchemist at first, but they just sound similar sometimes.

"Manifests Of Human Existence" has everything from brutal riffs to ethnic passages, and it's a record that will require a couple of listening sessions to fully wrap your mind around it. It will appeal to fans of classic prog death metal, but it doesn't mean that Echidna are simply copying what the Florida scene was doing 20 years ago. Their music sounds fresh and quite diverse, while retaining the technical vibe during the entire record. The only complaint is the rather average mix quality, which makes this album sound like it was recorded in the 90's. The mix could use clearer and crisper sound, but it's a matter of personal preference after all. This album is definitely worth checking out!

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